Hot Water Systems

There’s nothing like a chilly shower to throw your home into chaos! If your hot water system is leaking, flooding, burst or simply not working, call us straight away and we’ll sort it out. Our plumbers are qualified to conduct hot water system repairs and can install a new system if required.

Hot water systems are connected to the gas or electricity main and full of scalding hot water, so it’s important to steer clear until our plumbers arrive and sort it out. Common problems with hot water systems include:

  • A failed element or thermostat of your electric hot water system that leaves you with no hot water
  • A pilot light that has turned off
  • A failed TPR valve that causes water to pour out of the overflow pipe
  • A corroded tank that causes brown water to flow out of the hot tap or leak from the tank
  • A failed tank that corrodes and explodes, flooding your property.
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